How to Comply with AD 99-04-22
Revised 28-Feb-2001
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Right, This is really a trick question. Let me explain.

You will have to comply with this AD under para (g) - Alternate means of compliance, and note 5.

There is no SSID item F43 in revision H, this item was killed off in a previous revision of the D6-48040-1. SSID

So if you were to carry out an LFEC from direction 3 IAW F-43A that should cover you for para (c) and an Internal detailed viz and HFEC from direction 1 IAW F-43B will cover for para (d).

But this isn't in the AD, so to carry this out you have to go through the para (g) option with items F-43A and F43B

So in closing, do the people that make the rules have the latest fully revised documentation?

There's a discussion topic.


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