Resetting Circuit Breakers
Revised 03-Mar-2001
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There are some changes in our procedures coming soon, weeks, months or years depending how good your company is at doing its operations manual revisions. The background is IAW recent guidelines issued by the FAA (FSAW 00-08, FSAT 00-07 and ALPA Letter) to enhance safety and reduce the potential for in flight electrical problems or smoke.

You will all get to see it in it's company form at some point. What we are looking at is:

Flight crew reset of a tripped fuel pump CB is a big No No.
Resetting of any other tripped CB is not recommended, unless by judgement of the captain the situation resulting from the trip may have a significant adverse affect on safety.
Affected Tripped CB may be reset once after a cooling period (2 min's).

A ground reset should only be carried out after maintenance has checked the thing out and say it's safe to do so.

Christ ! hope it's not the coffee pot.

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