Lubricate With What ! ( "No not that, you Perv")
Revised 01-Mar-2001
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Here is a list of Type II brand name oils that comply with PWA-521 and are useable in the JT8D engine series. There not listed in any preference order. 
I use the Mobil Jet II, but that's purely a supply thing.  If I had a choice I would use a oil with a High Thermal Stability (HTS) either Mobil or Exxon



  • Exxon Turbo Oil 2380
  • Exxon Turbo Oil 25
  • Exxon ETO 2197 Engine Oil                       (HTS)
  • Aeroshell Turbine Oil 500
  • Aeroshell Turbine Oil 555
  • Aeroshell Turbine Oil 560                            (HTS)
  • Royco 500
  • Royco 555
  • Royco 560                                                       (HTS)
  • Mobil Jet Oil II
  • Mobil Jet Oil 254                                             (HTS) 
  • Mobil 291 Oil                                                    (HTS) 
  • Castrol 5000

In general oil brand mixing is not recommended, but as you know the occasional mishap does occur. As long as another type II oil has been mixed, the oil tank will not require draining or a flush of the system.  The only point of note is to realise that the performance of a HTS oil will be reduced. All these listed Type II oils are compatible.
Oil Sampling
You would be amused at the crap that turns up in the good old lubricant.  The single largest problem is a contaminated sample.  If your doing it, take it from the fill port but make sure you get it from the center of the tank, or use the drain valve, but drain off a good cupful before sampling.  Get at least a 100cc and  carry it out within 30 min's of engine shutdown. Take a little sample for yourself and have a look at it. Is it very dark, unusual smell / odor or other abnormal conditions, It may take a while for the analyses to be returned, so try and get a jump on it.

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