Common Abbreviations
Revised 29-Mar-2001
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Air Conditioning Air Con
Aircraft Acft
Airworthiness Directive AD
Antenna Ant
Automatic Auto
Autopilot A/P
Body Buttock Line BBL
Body Station BS
Boeing Material Specification BMS
Buttock Line BL
Center Ctr
Check Chk
Corrosion Prevention & Control Program CPCP
Corrosion Prevention Manual CPM
Dye Penetrant (or Welsh NDT expert) Dye Pen
Engine Eng
Equipment Equip
Extend Xtnd
Exterior Ext
Fitting Ft'ng
Functional Check F/C
Fuselage Fuse
High Frequency Eddy Current HFEC
Horizontal Stabiliser Horiz Stab
Hydraulic Hyd
Inboard Inbd
Increase INCR
Instrument Inst
Lavatory Lav or Lavs
Leading Edge LE
Left Hand LH
Low Frequency Eddy Current LFEC
Lubrication Lube
Main Landing Gear MLG
Metal Particle Inspection MT
Navigation Nav
Nose Landing Gear NLG
Number No or #
Operational Check OP/C
Outboard Otbd
Passenger Pax
Pressure Px
Pressure Total Pt
Principle Structural Element PSE
Right Hand RH
Service Serv
Service Bulletin SB
Stabiliser Stab
Station Sta
Supplemental Structural Inspection Document SSID
Temperature Total Tt
Thrust Reverser TR
Transponder Xpder
Ultrasonic UT
Visible Panty Line VPL
Visual Viz
Water Line WL
Wing Body Line WBL
Wing Station WS


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