727 Warning Lights
Revised 30-Jan-2002
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Airplane General Any Door Not Locked Amber Light
Air Cond & Press Pack Trip Off Amber Light
Cockpit Or Pass Cabin Duct O'Heat Amber Light
Equipment Cooling No Airflow Amber Light
Excessive Cabin Altitude Intermittent Horn
Auto Flight A/P In Self Test Steady Red Light
Autopilot Disengage Red Flashing Lights
Stab Out Of Trim Amber Light
Elevator Low Pressure Red Light
Yaw Damper Failure Amber Flag
APU APU Fire Fire Bell & Red Light
APU Field Breaker Trip Amber Light
APU Generator Breaker Trip Amber Light
Electrical Electrical Fault Amber Light
Gen Drive Low Oil Press Amber Light
Essential Power Failure Red Falashing Master Warning And Ess Pwr Fail Lights
Bus Tie Breaker Trip Amber Light
Gen Breaker Trip Amber Light
Field Breaker Tip Amber Light
Emergency Equipment Pass Oxygen System Activated Amber Light
Emergency Exit Switch Unarmed Amber Light
Flight Controls Unsafe Takeoff Condition Intermittant Horn
Elevator Feel Pressure Difference Amber Light
Rudder Load Limit Fault Amber Light
Flight Control Hydraulic Pressure Low Amber Light
Leading Edge Flap Failure Amber Light
Stall Warning Indication Stick Shaker
Stall Warning Failure Amber Light
Speedbrakes / Flaps Extended In Flight Intermittant Horn
Flight Instruments Excessive Operating Airspeed Clacker
Flight Recorder Failure Amber Light
Altitude Alert Amber Lght And Chime
Fuel Fuel Low Boost Pump Pressure Amber Light
Hydraulic Power Hydraulic System A or B System Low Pressure Amber Lights
Hydraulic System A, B or Stand By Overheat Amber Lights
Ice & Rain Protection Wing Anti-Ice Trip Amber Light
Anti-Ice Duct Overheat Amber Light
Window Overheat Amber Light
Landing Gear Unsafe Landing Configuration Continious Horn
Landing Gear Door Open Red & Amber Lights
Landing Gear Disagreement Red Light
Parking Brake Set Red Light
Navigation Instrument Failure Flag
Pneumatics Engine 1 & 3 Strut Overheat Amber Light
Lower Aft Body Overheat Amber Light
Engine Bleed Trip Amber Light
Enging 2 Bleed Air Temp High Amber Light
Powerplant Thrust Reverser Operating Amber Light
Engine Low Oil Pressure Or Filter Bypass Red Light


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