OPL For Target Cruise EPR (not -200 Engines Though)

There is no error handling in these, it's up to you how you want to handle it.
So garbage in will give garbage out. (bit like the chief pilots office)

Revised 01-Mar-2001
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Proc CRZ: REM I called this CRZ but you can call it whatever you like


REM Choose your own style and size of font

Font 7,9

Print "Enter Cruise Alt FL (Two Digits)",

REM Drop the zero off the end so FL330 is 33

Input A Print "Enter Aircraft Weight in 1,000"

REM 140,000 entered as 140

Input W

CLS E=((W-100)/2)+2*A)/100 P=E+1

Print "Target Cruise EPR is ", P




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