OPL For Calculating Landing V Ref Speed

There is no error handling in these, it's up to you how you want to handle it.
So garbage in will give garbage out. (bit like the chief pilots office)

Revised 01-Mar-2001
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Proc Land:

REM Proc name may be anything I called it land

LOCAL F,W,VR,S Font 7,9 R

EM Choose your own font style and size

Print "Landing Flap Setting",

Input F

REM Basic formula for various options follows

If=30 S=107

Elseif F=15 S=122

Elseif F=5 S=137

Elseif F=0 S=167

Endif Print "Enter ELWT in lbs (1,000)",

REM This is entered as 140 equals 140,000

Input W CLS VR=((W-100)/2)+S

REM Substitute any text you like and also position using to [AT x,x] command

Print " ELWT Of ",W;"*1,000 lbs"

Print "Flap Setting", Print " V Ref ",VR,"Kts"




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