B727 Questions APU
Revised 28-Feb-2001
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  1. Power for starting the APU is provided by what
  2. Fuel for the APU supplied from which fuel tank
  3. Compressed air from the APU is used two purposes what are they
  4. Compressed air can be extracted from the APU by opening one or both of two switches, what switches.
  5. Automatic controls will reduce what load to favor electrical power if the combined loads on the APU become excessive.
  6.  In a normal shutdown, the APU fuel valve light on the FE's door annunciator panel will do what after placing the Master switch off.
  7. The APU installation is not designed for airborne operation and will not start in flight because of what switch
  8. Automatic shutdown features cause the APU to shut down in the event of what.
  9. The APU installation is designed to increase airflow to operate both air conditioning packs through the use of what on a 200 series.
  10. A flow multiplier overheat will cause what valve to close.
  11. If the normal flow multiplier overheat protection fails, what will shut down the flow multiplier.
  12. Within 15 seconds after placing the APU Master switch to START, a positive indication of what should be seen
    Answer the following as True or False
  13. Prior to conducting an APU fire test with the APU not running, the Auto Fire Shutdown switch should be placed in ARMED.
  14. During the fire test, the fire warning should occur within 30 seconds of initiating the test.
  15. It is usually necessary to move the Fire Test/Reset switch to Reset twice during the fire test.
  16. During start, the APU Master switch should be held in the START position until the APU CRANK light illuminates.
  17. In order to use APU bleed air, only one Engine No. 2/APU BLEED switch need be in the OPEN position.
  18. The APU can provide sufficient compressed air for only one air conditioning pack (100 Series)
  19. The APU Fire switch, when pulled, will override any other control function.
  20. After the Fire switch is pulled, the APU fuel valve should close and the APU light on the FE's door annunciator panel should come on
  21. If the APU will not shut down when the APU Master switch is moved to OFF the APU Fire switch should be pulled


    1. Aircraft battery
    2. No 2 Fuel Tank
    3. Starting, air conditioning
    4. Engine No.2/APU Bleed
    5. Pneumatic (bleed air)
    6. Out
    7. Landing gear (squat)
    8. Fire, Overspeed, Low oil pressure
    9. Flow multiplier
    10. APU bleed air valve
    11. Fusible plug
    12. E.G.T Rise
    13. True
    14. False
    15. True
    16. True
    17. True
    18. True (No flow multiplier on the 100)
    19. True
    20. False
    21. True


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