B727 Questions Fire Protection
Revised 28-Feb-2001
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  1. The fire detection elements in an engine nacelle are routed around what and also installed where
  2. The electrical power source for the engine fire detection elements is what
  3. The lights in the fire shutoff handles will remain illuminated until what condition no longer exists or until what point with regard to the fire detection element
  4. How many engine fire extinguisher bottles installed and where.
  5. An engine fire will cause what indications
  6. Pulling a fire shutoff handle will cause the following to occur.
  7. After the fire shutoff handle is pulled. Pressing the discharge button will have what actions
  8. Ordinarily the bottle transfer switch is positioned to what side and for what reason
  9. In the event of a bottle discharge due to thermal relief, what will rupture - blow out.
  10. Electrical power for engine fire extinguisher bottle discharge comes from which bus.
  11. The integrity of the engine fire detection system is monitored by what
  12. Electrical power required for APU fire detection comes from which bus
  13. What are the external warnings for an APU fire
  14. The APU fire extinguisher bottle is located where
  15. What things occur when the fire handle in the wheel well is pulled
  16. A red thermal discharge disc for the APU extinguisher bottle is located on the fuselage at what position.
  17. During a fire test of the APU or engine fire circuits, the warning should be triggered within how long after the test switch is held in the TEST position.
  18. The auto fire shutdown switch on the APU is fitted for what reason
  19. To reset the auto fire shutdown circuits after a fire test, what must be moved to RESET after the test.
  20. Is there fire extinguishing equipment installed in the wheel wells.


  1. Engines, firewalls
  2. Essential AC
  3. Overheat condition no longer exists or the elements are destroyed. (™ not your day if it's the last bit)
  4. Two, aft stair area right hand side ( Back 1183 Bulkhead)
  5. Fire shutoff handle lights, master FIRE WARN lights (If installed), bell
  6. Arms the bottle discharge circuit, Arms the engine selector valve, closes the fuel shutoff valve closes the bleed air valves, closes the wing anti-ice shutoff (eng 1 and 3), cowl anti-ice (eng 2) Shuts off the hydraulic supply, Disarms the hydraulic low pressure light ,Trips the generator field
  7. Fires the extinguisher bottle, opens the engine selector valve
  8. Left, ease of maintenance
  9. Red disk
  10. Battery bus
  11. Detector circuit ground fault lights
  12. Battery bus
  13. Flashing light, intermittent horn
  14. Wheel well behind the APU control panel
  15. Arms the discharge button, Shuts off fuel, Closes the air load control valve, Trips the generator field
  16. Left wheel well
  17. 15- 60 Sec's
  18. Allows fire test while running, bypassing the autoshutdown
  19. Fire test switch. The warning light goes out
  20. No


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