B727 Questions Fuel System
Revised 28-Feb-2001
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  1. Fuel gauges are located on which panel
  2. The capacitance type fuel quantity system provides fuel quantity information to the fuel indication system and what other item
  3. The fuel vents are connected to what, from where the fuel drains back into the wing tanks.
  4. Fuel can be supplied from any tank, using what.
  5. Is it possible to transfer fuel in flight.
  6. The fuel boost pump motors operate on what type of power.
  7. Where are the fuel SOV's located
  8. The fuel shutoff valves are closed by what actions
  9. In order to dump fuel from a tank, how many pumps in that tank must be operating
  10. Are there any Aircraft restrictions on dumping fuel in flight
  11. Where is the refuel station located
  12. What are the sources of electrical power for fueling
  13. Can you fuel the No 2 tank with the pressure refueling system inoperative.
  14. Can you fuel to tanks 1 & 3 to full using the overwing fueling method.
  15. What does the manual defueling valve connect
  16. The volumetric top off system. Once triggered will do what to the fuel entering that tank
  17. When doing a walk round how would you set the fuel panel.
  18. What control of the #2 Crossfeed do you have during fueling.
  19. How would you distribute 42,000lbs of fuel.
  20. How should the fuel panel be set for landing
  21. If an aft boost pump low-pressure light goes out in any tank when the forward boost pumps are turned on, what would you suspect.
  22. The fuel dump system Is designed to stop dumping fuel automatically when the tank quantity decreases to what level.
  23. What would be a max cruise level if all boost pumps in a tank are inoperative.



  1. FE's Panel ,Refuel Station (all Interchangeable)
  2. PDCS (if Installed)
  3. Surge Tanks
  4. Any Crossfeed
  5. No
  6. AC power
  7. Wings
  8. Start levers and fire switches
  9. 1 pump
  10. No
  11. Leading edge, right wing (mid)
  12. APU generator, external power. Aircraft generator
  13. Yes, Fuel 1 or 3 then transfer.
  14. Yes, Providing #2 Tank is not required to be full. (So fill #2 then transfer to 1 & 3)
  15. Crossfeed manifold. Fueling and dump manifold.
  16. Prevents
  17. All crossfeeds open and one fuel pump on.
  18. None (locked out for fueling operations)
  19. Tanks 1 & 3 11,500lbs (type/company dependent), 19,000 Tank 2
  20. Tank to engine
  21. Check valve
  22. 3500 lb
  23. 25,000 feet


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