B727 Questions Oxygen System
Revised 28-Feb-2001
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  1. If the oxygen in a cylinder becomes too high a pressure what valve opens and dumps oxygen from that cylinder.
  2. What type of indication for a possible thermal overpressure discharge.
  3. A shut-off for the crew oxygen is located where
  4. The normal position of the supply lever would be what, and what position for the oxygen lever
  5. With the oxygen lever in NORMAL and smoke in the cockpit what will happen to the mask supply
  6. With the emergency lever in the ON position, the mask is supplied with oxygen at what
  7. The mask microphone can be activated by pressing and selecting what
  8. With the Captain's or First Officer's OXY/BOOM selector in OXY and his microphone selector in PA, his oxygen mask is in what position for comms.
  9. The amber OXYGEN ON light is illuminated when the passenger oxygen manifold is what
  10. What are three methods of opening the passenger oxygen valves
  11. Both valves open when the cabin altitude exceeds what level
  12. The manual "T" handle can be used for what
  13. When the cabin oxygen manifold is pressurized, the surge of pressure causes what action in the passenger system.
  14. Below 10,000 feet cabin altitude, what can you say about the oxygen flow for passenger use.
  15. During a rapid depressurization, if the passenger oxygen light fails to illuminate when the passenger oxygen is switched on, immediately do what


  1. overpressure relief valve
  2. missing green disc
  3. behind the First Officer's seat
  4. On & 100%
  5. contaminated
  6. Slight overpressure
  7. PTT button provided the selector switch has be selected to oxy from boom
  8. Live
  9. Pressurized
  10. pneumatically, electrically manually
  11. 14,000 feet
  12. open an oxygen valve, reset both valves
  13. masks to drop out
  14. insufficient
  15. pull the manual oxygen handle


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