B727 Questions Pneumatic System
Revised 28-Feb-2001
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1. The air conditioning system can be supplied with compressed air from what sources.

2. In flight, the air conditioning units are normally supplied with compressed air from which engines

3. The engine two bleed switches control air flow from engine two and what other source

4. The bleed valves an the engines can be closed by the bleed switches and what else

5. In order for the bleed valves to what buses must be powered.

6. At low power settings, what augments the compressed air flow from a pod engine.

7. The flow sensing venturi in each air conditioning supply line signals the associated modulating and shutoff valve to control what high power settings.

8. The temperature of the air from the pod engines is controlled by what

9. The pneumatic system is protected from excessively hot pod engine bleed air by what feature.

10. What happens when a bleed trip occurs, what indications.

11. If an excessively high temperature occurs in the engine two bleed lines. What occurs.

12. How would you supply compressed air to the right pack from the number two engine.

13. So that duct pressures can be displayed, there are duct pressure transmitters installed on what sides of the pneumatic duct.

14. In relation to the Pneumatic system where is the connection for the external air cart

15. 200 series, what is installed to ensure a sufficient quantity of air to operate both packs from the APU.

16. The lower aft body overheat sensors are located where

17. After the APU started or external power is applied, the bleed valves are checked to be in what position

18. When does the flow multiplier start

19. The Strut and Lower Aft Body Overheat lights are checked by pressing what switch

20. If a Bleed Trip-Off light illuminates, what should be turned off and what should be opened

21. If the engine 2 bleed high temperature light illuminates, What action.

22. An illuminated lower aft body overheat. What engine is probably causing the overheat.

23. If an engine strut overheat light comes on, reducing what may lower the temperature of the bleed air enough to turn the light off.


1. An external cart, the APU, the engine compressors

2. The pod engines

3. The APU

4. Fire switches

5. AC

6. High stage bleed air

7. Air flow

8. Precooler

9. An automatic trip-off feature

10. Bleed air valve closes, trip off light (Amber)

11. A high temperature light illuminates

12. Right number 2 Open. Number 3 closed.

13. Both sides

14. Between right number 2 bleed valve, number 3 bleed valve

15. Flow multiplier

16. Aft stair passage. Over the aft cargo compartment, the keel beam

17. Open

18. Second pack switch is turned on

19. The test button

20. Affected bleed switch, appropriate number 2 bleed switch

21. Turning Off the engine 2 bleed switches

22. Any

23. Thrust on the affected side

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