B727 Questions Powerplant
Revised 28-Feb-2001
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  1. If the only electrical power source available is the battery, what engine instruments will operate
  2. A blocked PT2 probe will cause a serious error in what indication
  3. The engine starter valve is opened by moving the what switch to what position.
  4. The reversers on the B-727 are operated by
  5. The REVERSER NOT STOWED light indicates that the reverser is not in what position
  6. When will the LOW OIL PRESSURE OR FILTER BYPASS come on
  7. When engine thrust is reduced, the temperature of the oil will do what
  8. If the oil temperature reaches the caution range it may remain there for how long
  9. If the fuel filter becomes clogged with contaminants. What light will alert the crew.
  10. The use of fuel heat can be monitored by what three indications
  11. If the low pressure engine driven pump, sometimes called the primary stage pump, fails, fuel heat will not cause what to rise, and the icing light will not come on.
  12. High energy ignition, used for what and where is powered from.
  13. Low energy ignition,. can be used for what and is powered by
  14. With no AC power available, ignition can be activated with the start switch in what position and the start lever in
  15. The fuel valve in the fuel control unit will be open when the start lever is in what position
  16. If the engine access door in the number two engine duct is not latched, what will alert the crew, what cannot be done.
  17. When the oil quantity test button is pressed, the oil quantity gauges will do what
  18. A rise in duct pressure after the engine start indicates what
  19. The start should be aborted if the fuel flow exceeds, what
  20. If you are starting and have no indicated oil pressure what actions would you take.
  21.  After moving the start lever to START, an engine should light within how long, if not what actions.
  22. If a condition requiring a start abort occurs prior to starter dropout. Motor the engine for how long
  23. Fuel should be circulated through an engine which has been shut down in flight how many  minutes
  24. If the start valve fails to close move the start lever to what position and what associated switch to OFF.
  25. During a battery start, the essential power selector should be placed in what position to supply power to the essential gauges


  1. N1, N2,EGT
  2. EPR
  3. Start, Ground
  4. Compressed Air, Pneumatics
  5. Forward Thrust
  6. Oil Pressure, Oil Filter
  7. Increase
  8. 15 Min
  9. Fuel Icing Light
  10. In Transit Light, EPR Drop, Oil Temp Rise
  11. Oil Temp
  12. Starting DC
  13. Continuous AC
  14. Flight Start
  15. Start or Idle
  16. Engine Access Door, Fuel Inhibited to Eng 2
  17. Decrease, Rotate Towards Zero
  18. Starter Cutout
  19. 1500 PPH
  20. Discontinue the start, do not motor the engine, (What's the temp is it cold, (thick oil)). some companies allow a certain time for the pressure to establish.
  21. 20 Sec, Lever to Cutoff, motor the engine
  22. 10-15 sec
  23. 30 min
  24. Cutoff, Close the affected engine bleed
  25. Standby


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