Before Start Cleared To Start After Start
Before Takeoff Cleared For Takeoff After Takeoff
Decent Approach Landing After Landing
Shutdown Terminating Flight Not Used

Abnormal Engine

Engine Fire Severe Damage Or Separation Engine Tailpipe Fire Engine Failure And Shutdown
Inadvertent Thrust Reverse In Flight In-flight Start One Engine Inoperative Landing
Two Engines Inoperative Landing Volcanic Ash Not Used

Abnormal Fuel

Minimum Fuel Operations Fuel Dumping Not Used

Abnormal Electrical

Loss Of All Generators One Generator Inoperative Two Generators Inoperative

Abnormal Flight Controls

Runaway Stabilizer Jammed Stabilizer Landing Jammed Or Restricted Flight Controls
Asymmetry Or Split Flap Landing Leading Edge Devices Inoperative Flaps Up Landing

Abnormal Landing Gear

Manual Gear Extension Partial Gear Up Landing Not Used

Abnormal Pneumatics, Air Con, Pressurisation

Rapid Depressurisation Emergency Decent Air Conditioning Smoke and Fumes
Pack Trip Off Light Illuminated Lower Aft Body Overheat Engine Strut Overheat

Abnormal Fuselage Fires - Smoke - Fumes

APU Fire Wheel Well Fire Electrical Smoke Fumes Or Fire
Lower Cargo Fire Cockpit Smoke Fumes Evacuation Pressurised With Ventilation Cockpit Smoke Fumes Evacuation Unpressurised
Cabin Smoke Fumes Evacuation Pressurised With Ventilation Not Used Not Used

Abnormal Hydraulics

Hydraulic System Leak Or Loss Not Used Not Used

Abnormal Other

Window Failure Passenger Evacuation Tail Strike On Take Off
Ditching Door Light Illuminated In Flight Not Used