DIY Pitot Covers
Revised 01-Mar-2001
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Working in a rather hostile environment I really need a set of Pitot covers. The problem I have is they get stolen at a rather alarming rate, which can be a real pain.

To solve the problem I have come up with the "Benson" Cover. (No it's not some new weird and wonderful condom , but I'm trying).

A really cheap and practical solution.

  1. Go and cut your self a bit of garden hose 4" for each cover (Yellow or Red)
  2. Pop in to the wife's knitting basket a grab 3 ft of red wool. Cut it into 3 or 4 length's.
  3. Grab your hot glue gun from the garage,
  4. Just simply fill one end with the glue holding the wool in a sort of central position. Let it cool down and you have a cover.

An even cheaper way is to cut a bit off your neighbour hose

These suckers don't blow off if you give them a gentle push on either. And the warning flags don't beat the airframe to death.

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