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Revised 03-Apr-2001
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Quite simply really, I spend a great deal of my time away in various hotels. Some good some bad. The only way I can pass the time when sitting in some god forsaken s*it hole is to do this. I tend not to mess with it to much when I'm home due to the usual distractions. I try to maintain a monthly revision to the site just to keep things fresh. There is no set date, as I said on the road a lot and it's subject to ISP connections.

The thing started of as a homepage site in 1998 and has grown over the last couple of years. I ran out of ISP webspace twice so decided to put it under it's domain so I wouldn't have to move it again. Computing and the Internet is a semi serious hobby that keeps me sane, so it was just a small step to move it over really, had the space so why not use it. I do individual website commissions if asked.

As for me, I'm in my mid 40's, been playing with jet aircraft since 1976. I've worked for both large and small airlines in the past and currently baby-sit a corporate 727 till a better offer comes along, and I can take up trolley collection at the local supermarket. One day I'll get the Web and IT business up and running and just go to the pub.

I've worked on the following aircraft types over the years. VC10, BAC 1-11, Viscount, Trident, Concorde, B747, B737, B757, B707 and of course the 727, since 1988.

The significance of the Benson name, none really it's just my nickname that's stuck over the years. Seemed like a good idea at the time, had a flow to it.
The only other point to note is if there are
any syntax or spelling errors they are nothing to do with me, it must be a transmission error or the spell checker not doing it's job.

Hope you find something of interest on the site.

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