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Revised 24-Dec-2005
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If you have experienced any problems, broken links here, please let me know. I do my best, but sometimes you can't see the wood for the trees. If you want to submit a question / feedback on this site then click the option from the contents list.
Site revison message posted to yahoo groups b-727.

Oh, don't bother entering a search for Airbus, your find "jack". Wouldn't want to soil my HDD.

Dec 2005
Added APU Troubleshooting section as a few people have been having problems on the line.

Mar 2005
Transferred to new server, you should see a performance incease. I am going to have to suspened any e mail support as the junk mail is unbeleiveable in excess of 4,000 per day, test one last thing before I may cut it off. A huge amount of personal hassle as kept me absent for over a year but back Now.

Feb/ Mar 2002
Not too much on the web front, lots of questions to answer, so a bit side-tracked. Have something up my sleeve for the April revision, a frequent requested item.
Finished off the Stab Trim system diagram under systems.
Systems Menu Revised
Thrust Reverser System Discription and diagram add to systems.
Full ATA listing added
Location of viewers and access points in the cabin floor
Additional diagram to Pressurisation section in systems

December 2001/ January 2002
Been blown out of the water these last two months, Work, Christmas and losing a member of the family, the last 60 days really sucked. Great old boy remembers the zeppelins over the England from the first world war, had great stories, I'll miss him. Still life goes on and I'm back with you all again.
Warning lights on the 727, Fuel System Schematic. Stab System Schematic, not quite finished but have it anyway. Boeing 727 Sticker, (oops ! there goes a copyright, guess I'm in the sh*t again). Visual approach hints and trigger points.

November 2001
Tyre wear and limit images now down to a small size. Also now available as a PDF zip.
Engine AD's now updated to 20 Sept 2001
Airframe AD's now updated to 20 Sept 2001
NLG & MLG mechanical downlock indicators, images added to landing gear & brakes system description.

October 2001
Revised rules of thumb, to include latest submissions. Cheers Ray.
Tyre Inspections page now live, some of the image files are large getting them down ASAP, should be done over the next few days. PDF download version offered.
727 Quick spec sheet, not all kosher though, won't hack Boeing off by correcting the source data. !!!!!

September 2001
Corrected zone and areas error
Corrected link error for engine ignition
Revised BMS listing of brand products.
Tyre Inspections page - Under construction.

August 2001
Revised menu posted now using frames not script file, should find it faster loading, not as slick though.
Autopilot description image change to show typical inputs.
Airframe AD's brought up to date.
Won't be to many changes for September, a bit distracted for the moment.
Tyre Inspections page - Under construction.
System Descriptions - PDF download option added along with zip version

July 2001

June 2001
None - Moving house, will be a bit light on the web front for the next two months. Rebuilding menu system (again) script file is nice but it's taking awhile for slower connections to load. It's a pain to make any revisions and additions also. Will revise it in August upload.

May 2001
Some further page backgrounds updated, all now complete. Not to many changes as I've had to rebuild the main machine, "have you seen my backup tapes, love" ? reply "yes, I put them on the radiator in your study", Ohhhhhh!!!!!
Reintroduced 6038 engine inspection pictures.

April 2001
Tidy up of repost, will get round to revising drawing backgrounds as and when, page revisions to most of the site, cosmetic and spelling (again)
Converted dripstick charts and component part numbers to a PDF file now down to 10k, 8k and 51k instead of the 200k plus in html.
Buffet Speeds 100 and 200 series pdf added.
Added a Benson page as for some strange reason you like searching for "find benson".

Alternate entry page added for browses 3.0 and Atomz search engine indexing. Search engine bombed out with the javascript menu system (oops!) I'll read the FAQ's next time.
I have finally given in and posted a 727 checklist. It is the most popular request on the site search. I would like the Normal checklist to be Generic (one fits all) as such please post any comments. Remember no two companies have the same checklist so these are of a general nature (not perfect) OK.
Links added to yahoo groups, 727group, download of Acrobat Reader link added.

March 2001
Site now posted under http://www.boeing-727.com. Webspace and bandwith were getting restrictive. Hope you regular visitors like the new look. Posted it early as I was going to be away for all of March will tidy it up and repost in April. (2847 Visitors Whilst at demon)
Some of the system images have been revised into flash, smaller file size and better quality. Page style and format changed. Moved over some charts to PDF format, Service Bulletin List's Removed (very low visitors and it was a time consuming job to keep the thing updated).
Task card index is also removed (no visitors since June 99). Links pages removed as a lot were out of date will reintroduce later in the year.
New menu system introduced, now javascript based. My Netscape fix never worked with the flash menu. Resetting of circuit breakers, runaway
JT8. MMEL now available in pdf, Started a section for a closer look at the JT8D, History, Design, General Info, Thrust Rating Concept, Oil System, Bleed Valves. Will add some more in the next few months.

February 2001
Site is being revised for it's new home http://www.boeing-727.com. Will go live in March 2001 under that domain.
No Revisions for this month. Enough work just transfering it.
None for Feb

January 2001
Additional drawings added to system discriptions, powerplant, electrics, and others. Sub menus revised, Type certification revised new format. Netscape flash pluging problem addressed should now be ok, keep em crossed. Looks like I may have to move the site again running out of web space and getting naf e mails about bandwith. Should go on the server under the domain of boeing-727.com. I'll let you know what's happening as and when. All as is for now. Addressed a server error that was giving problems on my links to other sites, now OK.

Electrical Loads, APU AD's affecting the 727 added, now live

December 2000
Systems Descriptions - changed a number of the diagrams, better presentation, new menu options, some text changes. Main Benson menu revised to cover additions.Rules of thumb revised.

AC power trip signals, Power distibution, Yaw Dampers, Fuel system drawing added. APU AD section under beta test should be live in Jan 2001.

November 2000
Mostly behind the scene changes this month, Directory structure changed, Changing background as I'm pi**ed off with the older style, APU start cycle animated now in Flash, Boeing AOG contact added, Dent assessment explained. DIY Stage 3 727 Mod.

October 2000
AD's up to date, Finished a conversion chart for fluid quantities. New Contents Page style now in Flash Menu looks much better. Been a bit distracted playing with me new server Unix, pearl, cgi, ssl and lot's of other stuff, I need to read up on it !!!! (seriously).

September 2000
Bringing AD's up to date, working a conversion chart for fluid quantities. Should all be ready for October posting. Looking at the search log I'm getting better ideas what your looking for, watch this space.

August 2000
No Changes, had a month to sort my life out, huge backlog. I mean huge.

July 2000
FAQ's removed as log file showed no access to this page since Jan
Corrected Nav error on the fuel dripstick charts, it's my fault, I slipped with the mouse.
Changed the format of the Component Part Numbers page and reduced it's size by 100k (now 236k)
Finished the SB's to the new format, white on black
Further revisions to the contents page to improve the layout nav, finally getting something I'm happy with.
Reorganized the sub directories and moved a lot of stuff around, you may need to rebookmark individual pages
Guestbook was a total disaster, no response so it's now removed. That will teach me to be a self indulgent dickhead.
Pitot Covers(DIY)
Icing Holdover Times
APU Troubleshooting Section
Gif images to systems (Pressurization)

June 2000
Contents Page changed to a Mouse over layout
Link error in system description rectified
AD's all now go back 10 years apart from airframe which goes to 1992. Effective up to 4th May 2000
Search Engine Added
Guestbook Added
PDF & ZIP download of systems descriptions.
Zip file of question bank
Gif images to systems description A/Pilot.
Some pic's from a 6038 inspection on the JT8D , these pic's tell the story.
Blinding fuel system schematic , good but large file (took a bloody week to do it so enjoy it).
Zones & Areas.
GPWS section .

April & May 2000
Tidied up the site navigation, trying for a more uniform look and easier navigation.
Corrected the dates on this page, had a brainstorm and put them all in as Jan but in fact it was March
March 2000
Site Posted to Demon from Virgin due to size exceeding the 10mb limit. (Previous Hit's 1352)
Tidy up of some of the old background formats and fonts
Poweplant system updated
Sorted out a few more repost errors I found,
Revised question menu options
Corrected all know repost errors
Fuel How goes it, and cruise limit charts changed to htm files
Updated Fuels Page.
Changed AD layout and brought it a little more up to date, AD status is now up to and including the 25th Jan 2000.
Some errors from repost
Converted LRC to html , from xls.
Added Air Con Gif.
Component Part Numbers Added
Silly little gif's added to brighten things up.

Added Oxygen, Fire protection system questions.
Links to Other Sites Reintroduced
Hydraulic, Flight Control Questions added.
Added counter to index page, general tidy up

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